Xender APK Latest Version 18.0 | Updated 2024 | Security Verified

Xender App is an amazing application for exchanging files between devices android to android, android to iOS etc. Even without an internet connection, you can exchange files, programs, pictures, movies, and more in just a few minutes using Xender APK, so Xender APK download, install and enjoy it without any cost.

This application is safe to use. Many data security and antivirus programs, such as Lookout, McAfee, and CM Security, testified to its security.


About Xender APK

It can handle a wide range of file formats, including applications, PDFs, Word documents, folders, videos, audio, and images. File sharing is possible without using mobile data. Transfers are easy and speedy because to Bluetooth’s 200x speed increase. Xender is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Tizen. Over 500 million people rely on Xender as a trustworthy file sharing app. It is ideal for sharing because it manages 200 million file transfers per day. 

Xender APK Latest Version

Released on Jul 19, 2013
Version 18.0
Compatibility Device Works on your device
Requires Android 5.0 and up
App Size 28 MB
Updated On May 06, 2024
Downloads May 2024

Xender APK Key Features

Ultra-Fast File Transfer

Xender enables rapid file transfers with speeds reaching up to 40Mb/s.

No File Size Limit

You can share large files without any constraints on size.

No Internet OR Data Needed

This app allows file sharing without requiring a network or data connection.

Ad-Free Experience

Connect to another device without interruptions, thanks to its ad-free design.

Secure And Safe

Xender ensures your data is kept secure during transfers.

Multi-Language Support

It supports over 30 languages, including English, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, and French.

Convert Video To Audio

Convert music videos to audio or extract sound from educational videos without draining your battery.

Versatile File Sharing

Xender lets you share all types of files without restrictions.

Easy Phone Replication

Easily transfer contacts, messages, photos, videos, games, and more in one step.

How To Download Xender APK

How To Install Xender APK

Conclusion Xender APK

Xender APK is a fast, reliable file-sharing app with no size limits and no need for network connections. It offers features like video-to-audio conversion, built-in file management, multilingual support, and smartphone replication. Xender’s ad-free experience, safety focus, and efficient performance, even on older devices, make it a top choice for file sharing and content management.

FAQs Xender APK

Can I use Xender APK on my computer?

Yes, Xender has a web version that lets you transfer files to and from your computer.

Why does Xender APK sometimes seem slow?

Xender might be slow due to interference from multiple WiFi networks, particularly on older Android devices.

Which is better: Xender APK or SHAREiT?

Both Xender and SHAREit are good for quick file transfers. They offer similar features, so it comes down to personal preference.

Does Xender APK work on older phones?

Xender is compatible with older Android and iOS devices without any issues.

Is Xender APK secure app?

Yes, Xender is safe to use. It doesn’t require personal information or sign-up, ensuring your data stays private.

Is Xender APK free?

Yes, Xender is free to use with no hidden costs.