Download Xender APK Latest Version 18.0 | Updated 2024

Why should you Download Xender app? This question comes first when we talk about Xender. Because this application provides various features, so you should use Xender.

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An excellent application for sharing files across Android and iOS devices, among other platforms, is called Xender. With Xender APK, you can exchange files, applications, photos, videos, and more in just a few of minutes—even if you don’t have an internet connection.

As you know, Xender is developed by Beijing AnQiZhiLian Inc developer with some of the rules of social media policies as it allows shares of content. There are basically two options to download the original Xender APK. One is from the official Xender Site, Another easy way is to download it from our secure site (

So, download the Xender app now, install it, and enjoy it.

Xender APK Latest Version 18.0

Requirement: Android 5.0+

How to Download Xender APK

How to Install Xender APK